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From: Swee Shiong

Are you SICK and TIRED with your Level of Photography?


I have an IMPORTANT Message for you!


Hi Fellow Photographers,

My name is Swee Shiong, and like you, I love to take photographs!

I purchased my 1st DSLR in 2007 and have been shooting and upgrading my gears to what the professionals are using along the years with my hard earned savings, while working on my day job.

It had taken me long enough to realise that I needed something more than just professional gears to take good pictures. I may be able to produce good quality images taken from a professional DSLR, but they just lack the “wow” factor.

Add on to my embarrassment, new & young professional photographers has been emerging out of no where (if you know what I mean) and the photographs they are producing are just amazing… and never fails to leave me frustrated, wondering how did they do it??

From my years of photography experiences, I am really disappointed with the level of photographs that I am producing…and I have eventually decided to seek professional trainings from photography schools & workshops, but it was then that I realized that I am not able to afford the financial commitments then…

I thank God for the creation of the “Internet”, where I can find valuable information that I needed through this convenient “window” in the comfort of my home.

I have found countless photography tips but they tends to lack depth and details, so I went a step further to purchase several photography ebooks to help me understand  better…

the ebooks were very helpful and informative on the conventional aspect of photography techniques, but nothing beat this particular ebook that I am going to share with you now.

It is an ebook written by Evan Sharboneau on “Trick Photography and Special Effects”

This ebook is an Inspirational source for Creativity that has given me aFresh Perspective in my photography, like I had never seen before!

I am totally impressed with its huge lists of “simple to learn” techniques that are capable of producing stunning images! And you will only need a basic entry level DSLR to begin with!

It had been my greatest regret for not knowing about this book earlier…

This is truly the “Secret Weapon” to produce stunning images like the Pros.

Learning and acting on the techniques that I had learnt from the ebook had brought me to my long awaited breakthrough in my photography journey.

It had been a long while since my family & friends gave me an extremely puzzled expression on their face while staring long and hard at my recent photography work and asking me, "Hmmm…so,…How did you do that?!?”

and the best thing is… that was only my first attempt! and I am just getting started!

I sincerely believes that you will definitely benefit from it too!

So How is this “Secret Weapon” that I found, able to Help You ?

This photograph below was my first “Levitation” attempt after reading the Levitation chapter in the ebook!

You will have great fun creating this too!! Amaze your friends! =)



My wife below performing her One-Finger Push-up. =)

Learn how to capture infra-red light with your DSLR to create impactful images with surreal color that nobody knows how you do it!


Learn how to shoot and edit Amazing 360 degree panoramic shots like these…using simple step by step guide...& also how to Multiply Yourself too...


Learn how to create the "Mysterious Invisible Man" into your pictures.


Learn how to create Astonishing "Light Painting" images like this


Learn how to Freeze Motion and take Crystal Clear High-Speed photographs!!


Learn how to capture Amazing "Star Trail" Long Exposure shots



Learn the secret behind stitching multiple light paintings together to create pseudo digital art.

Learn to Create Illusional, Yet Simple to-do Photo


Cool Looking Birefringence Photography…

Learn to Manipulate your Flesh too =)


HDR Photography Techniques:

How to use Adobe® Photoshop® software to improve your shots and create visual effects that are simply out of this world


Many Bonus Materials Too…

P.S. If You are "SERIOUS" in the MASTERY of Highly Coveted Secret Techniques Used by the Professionals…This is a "Must Have" Information you Cannot Afford to Miss!


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